Guide to buying a property in Mallorca

Buying a property in Mallorca could be a nice drive but winding road

OPTION A: .- Follow this steps to take to get you property in Mallorca

  1. Find the property you like. Don’t be in a hurry. Probably the decision it’s forever
  2. Make an offer.
  3. Check the legality of the property, be sure it’s free of charges, and up to date to payments.
  4. Sign an Option Contract. This contract will contain the rules and terms of the deal
  5. Get a NIE number. You can not sign the deed if you don’t have it
  6. Sign the Purchase Deed in front of a Public Notary
  7. Pay taxes. Depending if you are buying a new property or second hand one taxes will be different
  8. Inscribe the property at you name in Property Registry and Cadaster
  9. Change supplies to you, also community of owners if there is
  10. Pay annual taxes

OPTION B: Hire a specialized lawyer and he/she will take that steps for you.